I'll never shed another tear
Update 2002-08-03

I used to sit up all night and worry little darling
For I thought you meant the world to me
But now things have changed and those days are gone forever
Oh,I'll never shed  another tear

    I'll never shed another tear now I don't care what happens
    You have proved your love untrue to me
    There's nothing you can do that will ever change  my feeling
    So I'llnever shed another tear

With a broken heart I'll never forget the vows you made together
The many times you told me not to fear
But now youy've forgotten and you've left me here forever
Oh, I'll never shed another tear

  * Refrain

Now you should have told me that you were nly fooling
Then I'd never have learned to love you so
Then I wouldn't have all these heartches my darling
Darling the day I see you go

  * Refrain
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