If I should wander back tonight
Update 2002-07-23

For many years I've been a rolling stone, my darling
Like a gypsy I have roamed from place to place
Fortune never came to me
But how happy I would be
Just to look again upon your smilling face

    Now if I should wander back tonight
    Would you be waiting
    Would your eyes be filled with love's own tender light
    Would your arms be empty, dear
    Would you thrill to find me near
    Would you love me if I'd wander back tonight

When budding flowers lend their fragrance in the springtime
I recall the reses twining round your door
Fancy then I homeward stray
I seem to hear you say
That you love me as you did in days of yore

  * Refrain

Last night I dreamed that you and I were back togather
I held your hand so gently in my own
Heard you say we'd never part
As I pressed you to my heart
Then I woke in tears to find myself alone

  * Refrain
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