I wouldn't change you if I could
UPdate 2002-07-23

I wouldn't change a single thing about you if I could
The way are just suits me to a tee
A princess in a story book, a king upon a throne
That's what you are and you belong to me

    I wouldn't change you if I could, I love you just the way you are
    You're all that I could wish for, if I wished upon a star
    An angel sent from heaven, you're everything that's good
    You're perfect just the way you are, I wouldn't cange you if I could

Your eyes, your lips, your tender smile, I'd leave them as they are
And come what may, I'd never change a thing
Ane if I were a potter and you aiece of clay
The only thing I'd change would be your name

  * Refrain

inserted by FC2 system