I wish you knew

    I wish you knew
    How hard I try to tell you
    How hard I try to get you off my mind
    I wish you knew
    How hard I try to sleep at night
    Since I know that you're no longer mine
    That you left another beat my time

If only half the thing were true
You say about my heart
Then I could have forgotton you
Since we've been apart
You said I forced my lips to kiss you
When we said good-bye
You ever said I forced the tears 
That come into my eyes

  * Refrain

There's not a thought
That could be worse then knowing that you're gone
But in the picture in your mind
I'm never all alone
You see me in another's arms
Just like I've been with you
But the way I cry for you at night
I only wish you knew

  * Refrain
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