I hear my mother weepin'

The big court room was crowed while the jury heard my plea
I said, sir I'm not guilty of the crime you're accusing me
I guess no one believed me for they only truned away
To tell the judge their verdict while I bowed to pray

    I heard my mother weepin' when the judge said, guilty son
    I'll have to give you life now for the crime that you have done
    She cried, don't take my darlin' he means the world to me
    He's all I have to live for, I pray you'll set him free

His father was a drunkard, went away left us alone
I washed to keep from starving and to raise our darling son
Now if you take him from me his face no more I'll see
Just put your son in his place his mother's here with me

    * Refrain

The judge sat there with head bowed low, at first did not reply
And then I saw him wipin' a teardrop from his eyes
He motioned to the jury, this sentence can't be done
God bless you darlin' mother I still love you and my son

    * Refrain

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