I cried again

Teardrops fell the night you said
I love you dear and you were wed
I watched you while you held her hand
I turned away and cried again

    I cried again when I reached home
    There set your picture all alone
    I thought of things that might have been
    I bowed my head and cried again

I took your letters from the shelf
And read aloud just to myself
And just before I reached the end
I bowed my head and cried again

  * Refrain

I thought of love I'd been denied
And how to hold it I hed tried
And of dreams that we had shared
And days gone by when you had cared

  * Refrain

And heres the reason why I say
I must throw your things away
For they would always bring me pain
And then I'd only cry again

  * Refrain

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