Gold watch and chain
Update 2002-07-23

    Oh, I'll pawn you my gold watch and chain, love
    And I'll pawn you my gold wedding ring
    Oh, I'll pawn you this heart in my bosom
    If you'll say that you love me again

Darling, how can I stay here without you
I'll have nothing to cheer my poor heart
This old world will seem sad, love, without you
Tell me now that we're never to part

  * Refrain

Take back all the gifts you have given
A gold ring and a lock of your hair
And a card with your picture upon it
It's a face that is false but it's fair

  * Refrain

Oh the white rose that blooms in the garden
It grows with the love of your heart
It broke thru, Love, the day that I met you
It will die on the day that we part

  * Refrain

Tell me why that you do not love me
Tell me why that your smile is not bright
Tell me why you have grown so cold hearted
Is there no kiss for me love tonight

  * Refrain
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