Georgia Pineywoods

    Love those Georgia Pineywoods
    Wonder if they miss me
    Love those Georgia Pineywoods
    Ancient home of the Cree and the Cherokee and me

I was born in the Georgia Pineywoods
Fifteen miles to the grocery store
No T.V., no blue plated shiney goods
Krackled linoleum on the floor

We had cows in the back fields a grazin
Chickens, clucking in our back fence
Times were good and ain't in the making
I didn't live like that back then

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I used to look for Indian arrowheads
I was happy as Porter's cow
I lost all my Indian arrowheads
They ain't no good to me here, no how

I work hard get paid by the hour
And live my typical Southern life
Shining cars and making power
And I own more money than Caesar's wife

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