Freight train blues

I was born in Dixie in a boomer shack
Just a little ahanty by the railroad track
The humming of the driver was my lullaby
And a freight train whistle taught me how to cry

    I got the freight train blues, Lawdy, Lawdy
    Got them in the bottom of my rambling shoes
    And when the whistle blows I gotta, Oh Lawdy
    Guess I'm never gonna lose the freight train blues

My daddy was a fireman and my mammy dear
Was the only daughter of the engineer
My sweetie is a brakeman and that ain't no joke
It's a shame the way she keeps a good man broke

  * Refrain

Aeroplanes and autos always leave me cold
The moaning of a steamboat never stirs my soul
The only thing that makes me want to navigate
Is a wildcat whistle on a south bound freight

  * Refrain

I know I'm old enough to quit this running round
I've tried a hundred times to stop and settle down
But every time I find a place I'd like to stay
I hear a freight train holler and I'm on my way

  * Refrain
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