Forty miles from popular bluff

I never had a pair of shoes that weren't old hand me downs
And daddy's morning coffee came from old left over grounds
Moma wore nojeweiry or any store buoght stuff
Our home was on the hillside forty miles from Popular Bluff

    Forty miles back in Missouri there's different way of life
    Where a man think of his neighbor and not his neighbor's wife
    Life is far from fancy sometimes kinda ruff
    But contentment makes it worth it forty miles from Popular Bluff

Our only family treasure was a beat up radio
It took us to the places we knew we'd never go
We never had much money but we aleays had enough
Cause money never mattered much forty miles Popular Buff

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Near every whinter when the snow on the grund
The road would all be closed and we couldn't get to town
But if daddy had his tobacco and trandma had her snuff
The winters didn't seem so long forty miles from Popular Buff

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