Fire in my heart

I trusted you dear what more can I say
Now heart break and tears is the price I must pay
But weeping will heal a soul in despair
And there'll come a time when I'll no longer care

You started a flame a fire in my heart
I hoped you'd be true that we never would part
You left me alone and thru the long years
The fire in my heart will be drewned out with tears

In this game of love what chances we pay
For each heart that's glad there's another must break
You smiled at me dear I played and I lost
It's all over now and and I'm counting the cost

I can't face our firends the one's we both knew
For they always ask what happened to you
I'll go on somehow and hope for the day
The love in my heart will be all washed away

I wonder if you are happy sweet heart
Or do you regret that we're living apart
Come back if you wish but sweet heart return
While deep in my heart that old love flame still burns

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