Each ring of the hammer
The nails were all numbered and driven in place
They scorned and they mocked Him and spat in His face
But while all the misery and pain He went thru
He begged,"Father forgive them, they know not what they do"

    Each ring of the hammer is counting a sin
    Each nail in the cross is one you drove in
    Just turn from your lost world of sinning today
    And each ring of the hammer will soon fade away

They gathered around Him and watched as He died
They crowned Him with thorns and nails in His side
Out over Calvary that cruel hammer rang
As each nail was driven the cold metal sang

 * Refrain

He came here to save us from living in sin
The we repaid Him with nails hammered in
Can you not see Him, that look on His face
He's begging us all just to water His grave

 * Refrain
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