I had a dreams of you the other night, dear
A dream I couldn't live in true lite I fear
You talked with a triend of mine so lovingly
Oh God, Oh God, a crazy dream, please left it be

    Dreams, dreams of you , dear
    Tears, Tears are so sincere
    Love, love, that I can't hide
    There dreams are breaking down all my pride

While musics played, he danced and held you, oh so tight
The some way wed when our loves was young and bright
Then he kissed you under light that were so dim
I couldn't stand to see you there alone with him

  * Refrain

I realize the dream is only fantasy
Oh, tell me why there dreams seem so real to me
Every night I have this same old misery
I guess it's just because of all my Jealousy

  * Refrain
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