Dancing with the Angels
Update 2002-07-19

There's a pathway of darkness there's a pathway of light
And they meet at the old crossroads
The Angels are calling if your spirit will hearken
All is forgiven,lay down your weary load

    You'll be dancing, dancing, dancing with the Angels
    Just like old Daniel in the Lions den
    The door will be open and the feast spead out before you
    Dancing with the Angels while the Lions roar

Old Satan's dark powers are hungry for confusion
Unsatisfied ever greedy for more
If you look to your heart at the spirit there a blooming
If it's bright and shining sin can harm you no more

  * Refrain

Kind Angels of mercy are waiting there to greet you
Standing on the shores of ever lasting light
They sing come and join us across the shining water
Our lanterns of love will guide us though the night

  * Refrain
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