Carolyn the Teenage Queen
Carolyn the Teenage Queen

When I was pushing thirty, she was in her teens
Oh, how she loved me, this pretty teenage queen
But a few years after marriage, she loved me no more
When I was pushing forty, she was barely twenty four

Then the trouble started between Carolyn and me
I was satisfied at home, but she longed to be free
Been searching for that something, and the pastures looked so green
Through the eyes of Carolyn, Carolyn the teenage queen

Each day her love grew colder, at night, she'd go to town
Gossip, came to me, Carolyn was running around
I didn't want to believe it, but I knew it must be true
I couldn't stand to lose her, so I knew what I must do

Carolyn, I was thinking, as I cleaned my gun
Go out and have a good time, it's your last night of fun
Twelve o'clock, one o'clock, then a quarter, 'til two
I'm still burning the midnight oil, waiting up for you

A car pulled in the driveway, the man wore a badge and gun
Said, you got a wife named Carolyn, and I think you'd better come
In a wreck out on the highway, she'd met her final end
I stared in her face, so deathly white, she'd cheated me once again

Each night I think of Carolyn laying beneath the soil
Each night my mind grows weaker as I burn the midnight oil
My mind has thoughts of her bad side that my hearts never seen
I'm still in love with Carolyn, Carolyn the teenage queen

I'm still in love with Carolyn, Carolyn the teenage queen
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