Calm the storm
    Come and calm ( Calm this raging storm )
    The storm for me ( Calm the storm for me )
    Roll the clouds ( roll those heavy storm clouds )
    Out of the way ( All the clouds away )
    Make me see ( See the light that's shining )
    The blessed light ( See the blessed lighthouse )

When you calm ( When you calm )
The storm for me

All my life I've jeard the story
About a man from Galilee
How he calmed the reging river
And he walked the stormy sea
I can feel the winds a-blowing
Here upon my bended knees
So I'm callin' out to you, Lord
Come and calm the sea for me

 * Refrain

Shining through the angry waves
( The angry waves )

Just as long ( Long as you're the captain )
As you're the captain ( captain of this vessel )
When my ship ( When my battered ship )
Is lost at sea ( Ship is lost at sea )
Then I know ( then I'll surely know )
I'll reeach the harbor ( Soon I'll reach the harbor )
When you calm ( When you calm )
The storm for me
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