Bootleg John

In western Breathitt county was raised a crooked man
With the county dry the price was high for a bootleg whiskey man.
His age was barely twenty, his family was ashamed,
They had a son who left his home for the bootleg whiskey game.

    Bootleg John, come on home, family's all alone,
    You're runnin' wild while your baby child
    Wants his daddy home.

His wife she loved him dearly, tho he seldom came around
She'd always cry when he said good bye, 
But she never could hold him down.
With a pistol in his pocket and a shotgun on the floor
He made the run to Lexington to the bootleg whiskey store.

  * Refrain

His Ford was full of whiskey, his hand was on his gun
He was set to go but he didn't know he was makin his last run.
The sherriff pulled him over and he shot the lawman down.
They locked his tail in the county jail, down in Jackson town.

  * Refrain

  * Refrain
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