Beautiful morning glory
I've travelled all over the country
And I seldom sleep in a bed
When my feet get tired of walking
I simply stand on my

    Beautiful morning glory
    Kissed and caressed by the dew
    Beautiful morning glory
    Good morning glory to you

I stopped at a house for a hand-out
I'd rather do htat than to beg
When up jumped a big yellow hound-dog
And bit a hunk out of my

 * Refrain

A little boy gave me his football
I said "Watch me kick it a block"
Now my foot's wrapped up in a bandage
'Cause inside the ball was a

 * Refrain

I once had a bald-headed girl friend
I knoked off her wig at a dance
And when I stooped over to get it
She kicked me right in the

 * Refrain

One day I went out to the ball game
And peeped thru a knot-hole up high
A guard took a big water pistol
And squirted me right in the

 * Refrain
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